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American Citizens Continue to FAIL our Country!

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

This blog is not only for the State of Texas but for every State in the Union!

On a weekend where our nation should be pausing to observe and remember our military veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice, we are instead once again finding the United States of America embroiled in another debate over a mass shooting.

At the Gettysburg National Cemetery on November 19, 1863, former President, Abraham Lincoln honored the Soldiers that sacrificed their lives in order “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

The United States of American continues to FAIL on every level. Who is at fault here? Simply put, it is the citizenry.

Our nation is “sick” on every level! How can anyone who has either witnessed or heard about what happened in Uvalde, Texas not be heartbroken and sickened to their core?

Not all Texans, but most have grown up with this idea of “all outsiders” stay out of Texas. “Don’t Mess with Texas.” Well, I was born, raised, educated, played sports, and lived my entire life in Texas until I joined the United States Army. My state of residency is in Texas. My mother and other family members still live in Texas and my plans are to eventually retire in Texas. Therefore, I am a TEXAN and not an “outsider.”

In 1985 the Texas Department of Transportation created a slogan for an anti-littering campaign. The program was designed to clean up litter from Texas highways. In 1986, legendary Texas blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan helped launch the inaugural “Don’t mess with Texas” campaign. I find it strangely odd that smart, educated, proud, and yes, caring and loving people such as Texans will spend literally millions of dollars to clean up litter on the highways but refuse to clean up the problems which has once again led to the slaughtering of the most precious Texans, our children.

People are asking, “why is this sort of event continuing to happen?” Answer, because of American Citizens and the choices they make. This really isn’t that complicated.

This continues to happen because YOU have chosen weak politicians who have bad character and no redeeming quality of integrity (who really aren’t leaders anyway-they are running to be politicians, not “leaders.” They couch themselves in leadership with fancy words, but they are definitely “not” leaders.) Remember, being in a leadership role or position of authority does not constitute a leader.

This continues to happen because like the politicians, the media, religious institutions, businesspeople (notice I did not say “business leaders”), educators, medical establishments, governments at every level (local, state, and federal) in our country are selfish, greedy irresponsible, and undisciplined folks.

Americans have fallen into the trap of allowing themselves to be divided and conquered.

One of the most valuable principles I learned as a career Soldier is this: When we are engaged and, on the attack, there are some very basic tactics which must be applied during combat operations which will increase our chances of success. One, we separate the enemy leaders from their followers. If all the plans and information needed for an adversary to defeat us on the battlefield remains at the highest levels, we need to destroy leadership at the highest levels so the Intel cannot be disseminated to the lowest levels possible. Two, if we cannot destroy the leadership who has all the Intel, we cut off all communications or at a minimum, control the communication from the enemy to their subordinates on the battlefield. Thirdly, we destroy and cutoff all supply routes so the enemy cannot resupply its troops and thereby eliminating the enemy’s ability to continue to fight. This simple principle of “divide and conquer” is very effective in achieving our missions on the battlefield. The American people are being “divided and conquered.” Refusal to accept and acknowledged this fact is FAILURE!

Many in our nation are saying, “we can do better.” That does not appear to be true! However, what is true and what does continue to happen is this; we continue shaming, blaming, and complaining and not holding those in power responsible. Our citizens are not taking responsibility to ensure that such events are NOT commonplace!

At what point will American citizens learn from their FAILURES to simply keep its most vulnerable citizens protected and safe? YOU can continue to blame others, or YOU can take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR ACTIONS! Not taking responsibility is FAILURE!






Please always remember, Failure Is Not The Problem, It Is How We Respond To The Failure, which is most important.  What will be our nation’s RESPONSE this time?


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